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Business Notices

Business Notices

The Kung Fu School Free Open Day

Tuesday 16th August 2011, 10:07PM

The Kung Fu School - Shaolin Nam Pai Chuan is holding a FREE OPEN DAY and everyone is welcome. If you have been interested in Kung Fu but you have never gotten around to trying it then you are welcome to attend our FREE OPEN DAY. Everyone is welcome to observe or even give it a try if you like. As the martial art of Kung Fu is so widely encompassing the school is wishing to give everyone a taste of everything during our FREE OPEN DAY. For more details please visit our website and view ‘Open Day’. Kung Fu is a great way to lose weight, get fit, reduce stress & gain focus, make friends, and learn self defence.
1:30pm 10th September 2011
Lilyfield Community Centre
19 Cecily St, Lilyfield NSW 2040
Andrew Schwass
0433 226 864